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Hi all,


I am building a dashboard for the finance leads to comment on the Operational Variance for every chart of account. (see attached)

They need to comment on the Op. Var. for the current period, for the quarter and for the year.

In the table on top they see the figures.

I wanted to created a grid below to capture their comments, which is synced with the chart of account they select in the top table and which is showing the op var for that period/quarter/year.

Comment is a text-formatted line item and that is why inputting a comment on the quarter and the year does not work.


Does any one have an idea what I could build in order to be able to capture the comments also on quarter and on year?


Thansk for your input!



  • I think I found a solution.

    I won't be able to capture the comments in one grid, but I will create 3 separte grids: one based on module with dimension period, one based on module with dimension quarter and the last one based on module with dimension year.

  • Hi @LouiseBourgonjon,


    I do think that it is the best approach in this case, else you will not be able to input comments on different levels of time dimension. 

  • @LouiseBourgonjon 

    Alternatively you can create a flat list of the periods you want to enter comments for, then enter comments against the flat list and the accounts dimension, then map those periods with time dimension in another module, then aggregate the comments using textlist

    or your method also will work fine of creating 2 separate grids with different dimensions


  • @Kanishq17 ,


    Just a friendly reminder, using TextList() is not good for performance, instead, try using ANY or the others listed in this post.