Importing into SYS08 system module


I am confused with the mapping part of the source to target as well. As is where to map 


Employees = Code? ( Because it is numbered list)

Dept Code = Department?

Country Code = Country?

Active? =?

How to make sure data we are mapping is correct?



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  • filip.sypniewski

    Hi @kunal_311,


    when it comes to mapping Employee - Code, because it is numbered list. This is something you need to map on the 'Mapping' tab. Please select Code to map the Employees correctly, make sure that on tab '#E2 Employees' all of them are mapped. So, you dimension in your SYS08 module are Employees, and you are loading attributes of your employees, like Code, Start Date, Salary etc.


    Now, looking at the Line Items. 

    Active? -> what is your source? is it saved view of a module? probably Data Hub? I assume Active? is only used as filter, to filter out employees who are not active. You do not need this information really. Else, if you need it, then would create boolean-formatted Line item in your SYS08 to map it. Does it make sense?


    Employees -> I believe it is name of an employee, probably it needs to be mapped to the 'Name'


    Code can be retrieved via formula in your system module. Please see:


    Department Code & Country Code you are mapping correctly to Department and Country respectively.


    Please let me know if you have any additional questions!

  • filip.sypniewski

    Then, in principle, you do not need to have this line item in your system module. 


    If you want to add it, open blueprint in your SYS08 module, and click + button to create new line item.



  • Thank you for such a detailed explanation.
    All points understood.
    Regarding Active? =you are correct, it is used as a filter to filter out among all the employees who are active, throwing result TRUE & FALSE in source file but in my target file in course, it did not mentioned anywhere that active? is one of the line item we need to add.
    If i want to add it then how to go about it?