How to Get Correct Month in a Weekly Time scale Model


I have a 4-4-5 Weekly Model. Details below


Time ScaleTime Scale



I wanted to get the exact month for a particular date. Details below





Period(Valid from) for 5/31/2020 is giving the month as Jun 20 and not May 20. I understand that it will fall in a week which will be in Jun but how to get the correct month from this date?

Thank you.



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  • anikdas
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    Hi @AnkitGupta 

    Please use the following formula. It should give the desired output:


    PERIOD(DATE(YEAR(Valid from), MONTH(Valid from), 15))

    Let me know if it works 


  • Thank you @anikdas that was quick!

    It works, thanks a lot for the help!🙏

  • Misbah



    If it is only for Reporting purposes then @anikdas' solution will work seamlessly. But if you are trying to aggregate the numbers based on those weeks then you may have to take additional pain of converting  Anaplan's calendar to Gregorian calendar. Beautiful article written by me friend @JaredDolich  Link Below

    Convert Values from a 445 Calendar to a Normal, Mo... - Anaplan Community

  • @AnkitGupta 

    Definitely have a look at the article @Misbah mentioned. It's a bit more than you need to identify the month but you can use the system modules. You'll want to be sure to include the logic for a leap year and decide how you will address the endpoints of your calendar. The last month of a 445 may end before the fiscal year (Gregorian) ends, for example December 27th. What will you do if someone enters December 28?


    Thanks for the shout out @Misbah - you're amazing.