Workspace Admin hampering Report Access


I have a Dashboard which has a grid with some data on it. I see all the rows (the dimension is in the rows and LI in columns) when I have the Workspace Administrator access but I see nothing in the rows when I remove the Workspace Administrator access. 

With Workspace Admin access: 


Without Workspace admin access:


Can you help me understand why this might be happening?



  • Hi Ankit,

    Is there a user dimension on that module?

  • Hey Anirudh,
    Yes there is. My bad I didnt mention it before.
  • Great, that explains it then

    It means there is a user based filter (Module options -> Data -> Filters) on that dashboard and when you login as workspace admin, you're viewing the module as it appears to another user.

    Can you share a screenshot of the Filters applied on that module?

  • Hi Anirudh,
    The grid on the DB has a user-based filter (and users make selections on the grid itself).
    However, if they have access to the underlying modules and lists, they should be able to see the data in a similar fashion, shouldn't they?

    I am not sure if user-based filter vary due to workspace admin access. Just to reiterate the issue, if I have the workspace admin access, I see the DB in a certain way and if I don't have workspace admin access, I don't see any data.
  • For your perusal, please find the screenshot of the filter on the grid:



  • Hi Ankit,

    When you have WSA and check the dashboard, are you viewing your own user?
    Similarly, when you don't have WSA, are you viewing a different user?

    If the User dropdown is hidden in the module, Edit dashboard and expose it...


  • Hey @anirudh  I realized someone in my team had cleared out a user-driven line item formula that was being used as a filter. Turns out this was just a human error and not what we were trying to do!


  • Brilliant, glad you were able to debug it!