Automate pdf Export



The new UX looks great and I know it has the ability to export a dashboard in pdf format. Is there a way to automate this process?

I want to schedule some reports to be exported as pdf files to a cloud location or send as attachments to an email distro list.


Thanks for your help.


  • Misbah



    No, currently there is no way these type of actions can be automated in NUX. It wasn’t even possible in classic one. You can post your idea on idea exchange forum

  • Just had the same question from a customer - be interested in any responses so far

  • This is an idea posted in the idea exchange -


    I just liked it to upvote, might be helpful if everyone else does as well.



  • Yes, i would really like this too

  • Misbah



    Although it is not present natively but you can always automate pdf export with Python. We have already done it with one of our clients & it works like a charm



  • ike45mc

    Hello Misbah,


    I am pretty new to Python, but would you typically automate these reports with the anaplan API since they would be exported as JSON or would another module be more efficient? I am trying to figure out how to export 3 charts from Anaplan via python in the simplest manner. Any help would be appreciated. 




  • @Misbah 
    Could you please share more details about how to automate PDF export from Report page by Python?