Replication Initial flow costs to subsequent Flows


Hi Anaplanners,


i am working to meet a certain requirement ,wherein cost incurred in transferring goods from one country to another(referred to as a Flow) needs to be auto captured based on the first flow for all other subsequent flows of the same nature identified by a unique code. 

Even if the costs for subsequent flows are calculated ,the mechanism should pick the cost incurred in the first flow.

In the snapshot,Flow from Netherlands to UK is the first flow and other two are subsequent flows.Costs from First Flow should be auto picked for all other subsequent Flows.


The list on this this module is dimensioned has a property holding the unique code of each flow.


Let me know if anyone needs more clarity.


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  • jasonblinn
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    Hi @akprasa1 -

    It seems to me that the following would work.

    I would make it so that you have a list of "Double Origin Codes" and then can use that for some additional calculations.

    You can use your first occurrence line to say IF First occurrence double origin THEN Fixed Costs Elbe ELSE 0 into a new line item. I have called that "First Occurrence Fixed" Then repeat for the other costs as well.



    Then you can create a module that brings in the data to the Double origin code based on these new line items using a formula like this Flow Details.First Occurrence Fixed[SUM: Flow Details.Double Origin Code List]



    Then finally you can create final lines for all of the costs and use a formula like this: Double Origin Code Value.Fixed[LOOKUP: Double Origin Code List]


    Here is the final Blueprint view of what I did: 



    I hope this helps!



  • Create saved views for each flow.

    And then create import actions based on first flow for all other subsequent flows.

    Create a process with all these import actions.

    Run the process once data is calculated/input.


    Hope this helps.