Organize Actions after Model Building

After completing model building activities, we need to prepare the model for User Acceptance Testing, one of the requirements is "Review and organize the Actions to rename and add repeatable actions to a process and remove any single-use/one-time actions"...

When I look at the actions, some imports were conducted multiple times and I couldn't recognize which ones were valid and which ones were trails only that should be removed. Any advice?  

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  • Hi @SaraBTIT 


    That is a challenge. Have you taken the Model Building Level 2 training? It has some good insights and best practices regarding actions organization and cleanups.
    Here are a couple of things I would do:

    1. One way to start is by examining the dashboards and determine the user-facing actions. Some actions are run automatically and you won't be able to find it on a dashboard. 
    2. If the same file has been uploaded multiple times (same name but different data), then there will be one action
    3. Open the Edit for each action/import to view what is it importing and verify that's what the import should be doing.
    4. In addition to looking under the Actions tab, also open the Imports tab (to the right) and examine the Source Object 
    5. In an ideal world, you would have specifications that could guide you to which actions are needed.
    6. Ideally, you should have minimal CSV file uploads into the Spoke model, structural data should be coming from the Data Hub. so if you see an action importing from a .CSV into a structural list, for example, take a closer look at this action to determine if it's truly needed.
    7. If you have a one time upload, for example, a data file was loaded as a test data then you should delete this action, you don't need it.

    You will have to go methodically. Needless to say I would create a copy of the model before starting to delete anything.


    This is a good example of why we should rename and organize the actions as we do them (I'm guilty  of that sometimes too)

  • my personnal rule is that an import must be renamed as soon as you made it if you want to keep it.

    I'll reguarly delete any non renamed import