L1MB - Model Building - Importing data to Modules (Employee Details)


Dear APC,


Can any one help me why I get to see mismatch in Employee names when the file used is same for creating the Employee List and Employee Details Module.


I tried to delete the Employee list and re-created the new List and loaded employee names from csv file.


Same csv file is used to load the Employee details - but failing to do the auto match.


Its a huge list of Employees and I'm forced to do the manual match for 111 employees. This is time consuming and laborious.


Not sure where I'm going wrong with this. Appreciate any help.




Best Answer

  • einas.ibrahim

    Hello @SudhirY 


    You stumbled over one of the important concepts of importing into a Numbered List. (Employee is a numbered list)

     Match based on the Code not Employee Name.