Level 2 Training - Sprint 3 - 2. AD02 Inventory Ordering Overwrites

  1. Override Amount – Write: IF 'INV01 Inventory Ordering'.Override Suggested Order Amount = TRUE AND 'INV01 Inventory Ordering'.Submit Purchase Order Request = TRUE THEN TRUE ELSE FALSE ----Does this not look correct?


  • Hi again @AashcaJ 


    My answer here will be the same as my answer to your question Level 2 Training - Sprint 3 - INV01 Inventory Ordering Module

    1. What is the problem you are seeing?
    2. You don't need to use = TRUE / = FALSE after an IF if the format of the line item you are checking is Boolean
  • AashcaJ

    I was able to figure it out. Thanks for your response @einas.ibrahim.

  • Can you share how you were able to figure out the formula? I have the same as you but without the =true =false parts and have gotten it wrong on the exam and cannot figure out the issue 

  • @ellenvanagel 


    Even though we are not supposed to answer exam-related questions, I'll answer you here because I don't believe your issue is in the formula.

    If you are using any Anaplan Chrome extension/add-on to help with formula completion and/or formatting, then the exam will not be able to read your formula. 

    If that's the case either remove the extension or take the exam in a different browser that doesn't have that extension.


    Good Luck

  • I am not familiar with any add on or extensions, but I realized I hadn't used the best practice formula and was able to change it. 


    Thank you for your response! 

  • I removed the extension and am still having similar issues with this formula when it comes to the exam.  All the other formulas asked previously have worked for me, wondering if I'm just off or if there is another way I should be expressing this?  Really in a pickle.


    IF 'INV01 Inventory Ordering'.Submit Purchase Order Request AND 'INV01 Inventory Ordering'.Override Suggested Order Amount THEN TRUE ELSE FALSE

  • When evaluating a boolean line item using an IF formula you don't need to specify THEN TRUE ELSE FALSE at the end of the formula

  • I am also facing same issue, can you please help me as I am still not able to work it out

  • phi
    edited August 2023

    hope this is helpful for anyone still searching on this …

    some possible problems I know of for this one

    There's no need for if/then/else, and =true/=false for evaluating Booleans, which themselves are True or False anyway. So Boolean_1 AND Boolean_2 is all that's needed and is much cleaner.

    Although it's possible to have the logic working using a Boolean from the AD02 module, and I don't think I've come across a best practice to say not to do it that way, it would seem best to stick to Booleans from the source module, in this case at least. There's a best practice to use NOT Write? for a Read? driver, but that's not applicable here.

    When pasting the formula in the browser as an answer, be absolutely sure there is no extra characters before or after what you've pasted. What I've seen happen a few times now, is somehow the default text of the question's input box was prepended to what I pasted into it.
    i.e. Copy and Paste your formula here …
    I don't know how. Browser glitch, I guess, or a combination of things. I'd not had that sort of thing happen before, though. If you're formula is long enough, it might push that bit up so that you can't see it. Having seen that a few times now, I'm a bit paranoid about it.

    and this is just something else I was thinking of … Logic short circuit
    With an AND logic operator, testing conditions either way around produces the same result, but often there is best choice in terms of performance.
    If you put the least likely to be True condition first, and the more likely to be True last, the calculation would tend to be more efficient. If the first condition evaluates to False, there is no need to evaluate the following condition(s) to know the final result will be False.
    Either way around will work fine, just one way is optimised to reduce calculations (assuming the Anaplan engine works that way)
    The same idea for OR logic, except the order should be most likely to least. If the first condition evaluates to True, there's not need to evaluate the following condition(s) to know the result will be True
    It's a small thing, but if there are a lot of cells with these tests, it would potentially add up to a significant difference.