Level Model Building : Revenue and Margin


Hi ,


I'm trying to import data into REV 02 Volume Inputs but it is giving me errors.

Please let me know what am I doing wrong.







  • Hi @rdp284_1991 


    Let me walk you through this so you know where the problem is for future times.

    Before I start though, It seems like the name of the module you provided is REV 02 with a space between REV and 02. I don't believe this is the name in the training (it doesn't have space) so if my eyes are not deceiving me and there is actually space, remove it. Make sure that you use the names of the modules and line items as given to you in the training instruction (Copy and Paste) because it will impact you when you take the tests.


    Back to mapping. The screen you provided basically allows us to "Map" where each element of the target (module in this case) will be getting its data from the source (the CSV file in this case).

    There are a few cases:

    1. The source data is in a column - most common. In this case, you provide the name of the source column as you did with Product Code and Location
    2. The target will have a fixed value regardless of the source. For example, if all the data in the CSV file is for Actuals and the module had 2 versions Actuals and Forecast. In this case, you designate the Source value as Fixed Item and provide that value (Actual) under the appropriate tab.
    3. When the source data is in different column headers (unlike case #1 where the data was in one specific column). That's when you choose the Column Header as the source.

    Comparing the above to your mapping you will see that you:

    1. Designated the source for the Time Dimension as FIxed, even though you have multiple varying values for time. The time dimension is in the Column Header, right?
    2. Designated the source of the Revenue Line Item as Column Headers, however, the whole file is for Revenue so the source should be Fixed Value.

    Other considerations:

    1. Make sure the format of the date in the source file matches that of the target module. You can adjust that from the Time Tab
    2. Always make sure that the line items are correctly and completely mapped in the last tab (Line Items)

    Please let me know if I need to explain any of the points better and let me know if you need any further assistance trying to get it to work. I'm happy to guide you step by step.

  • Hi @rdp284_1991 

    I would just flip your time and line item mappings. Set your time dimension to your column headers and your line items to a fixed line item and select Volumes from the dropdown on that mapping tab. Hopefully, that helps with your import.