Level 2 SYS06 Import


Hello. I am having trouble importing the country data. I have tried multiple times to no avail. Any assistance would be appreciated. 





  • Hi @hkitograd 


    the correct mapping is the one in the file ending in 3.42.15.


    I have a feeling you are NOT mapping the line items in the last tab.  Could you show me what you have in there? 

  • @hkitograd 

    mapping used in 3:42 is correct as name will map to country list, and then in line item mapping, check that mapping is established else manually map Code-Code and region-region, also go in subesquent tabs of country to check mapping

  • Here is the last tab. It will not let me change anything.

  • Hi,


    you would not get screenshot if you used the mapping I mentioned 

    This one 


  • AashcaJ

    @hkitograd Below is the mapping you need to do...The second tab should be mapped automatically to all the locations. In the third tab, you should be loading the data to the specific column. Let me know if this works.



  • Hello @AashcaJ and @hkitograd ,


    Pardon me, this mapping is not correct. The SYS0 Country Details Line Item is not a Fixed Item. 

    Here is the Logic...
    You are loading detailed data about Country in a module dimensioned by country and has 2 line items Country Code ad Parent.


    The import dialogue is basically asking you the following 2 questions:

    1. The first question is ....Where in the Source (csv file) should we get the data for the Country Flat List in the Target (module). This is important so Anaplan can match the records to the correct list item.
      The answer is Country Name
    2. The second question is .... Where in the Source should we get the data to fill the line items in the module?
      The answer to this question is ..... you can find the line items value by mapping the Column Headers

    You have to check that all the tabs don't have an issue such as an unmapped item, and pay special attention to the last tab - the Line Items Tab. You need to make sure each line item in the module (Target) is getting its data from the correct "column" in the source. You may have to do a manual matching if Anaplan wasn't able to automatically map the line items; for example, if the names of the module line item and CSV file are not identical.


  • I have finally gotten it. Thank you. 

  • Does the final result look like this?