Model builder L1, Part 4 subsets - subset not showing in list



Can someone advise, please? I created a subset for E2 employees, as instructed in the video. I went to E2 employees - subsets tab and created it.

In the next section the course says to check if I have all lists and subsets. However, I do not see the subset in my list. But it's there under E2... so am I missing something or is this ok?


  • --- Employees ---
  • E1 Departments 
  • #E2 Employees 
  • --- Other Lists ---
  • Size 
  • --- Subsets ---
  • #E2 Employees: Active?




Best Answer

  • Hi @kinga.markovics,


    everything looks good! as per your second picture, you can see the subset was correctly created within your E2 list. 


    You can see also in General List as well:



    Let me know if you have any other questions!