How to put formula in one list item and keep blank in the other



Given that we set a list which has two items of A and B as a dimension of a module,

we would like to put formula in a list item A. On the other hand, we want to keep blank in a list item B so that end users can input data.

How can we implement this?



Maki Yasuda




  • Kyle

    Hi Maki, 


    There is no way to have a line item be editable for some situations and be a formula for others except using formula scope which relies on version. For a list, you would have to have multiple line items where one would be an input and then another that has a formula that for Item A does what you would like it to, and for Item B, grabs the value from the first line item. You can use the ITEM function to help with specifying which items are applicable for different parts of the formula. I hope this helps!




  • myasuda

    Hi Kyle,


    Thank you for your answer and sorry for my delayed reply.

    After all, I decided to prepare two line items. One is for user input and the other is in which fomula is input.


    Best regards,

    Maki Yasuda