Level 2 Sprint 2 Module to Module Aligning Dimensions Mapping


In one of the Sprint 2 activities, we need to reference data from one Module to another. To do this you must align the dimensionality of the Source Module to the Target Module. However the List dimension in the Source Module is a Parent of the corresponding dimension in the Target Module, requiring us to use an intermediary (SYS) module to align the source to the target.


How would you do that?


I have tried multiple variation of LOOKUP, and LOOKUP & SELECT however I continue to receive error messages.




  • Hello @Joh04924 


    This is a very good question.

    When you are trying to align or match dimensions between 2 modules If the List in the Target module is a Parent of the list in the Source module then you don't need to use any mapping to align based on this Parent-child dimension.


    Here is why...In the illustration below it shows the Parent data is already included in the Source list, so when the Target tries to retrieve data from the Source it'll find the list item to match to. 
    I hope the image explains better than my words 😀





    Please note that the reverse is not correct. If the Source had the Parent and the Target had the child lists, then you will need an intermediary mapping

  • @einas.ibrahim 


    Thank you for the response!

    What do I do if it is the reverse situation? I am having trouble mapping the formula to the intermediary module.

  • Hi @Joh04924 

    So your situation ais the opposite?
    Source has the Parent and Target has the Child?


    Can you tell me the names of the Source and Target modules you are working with? Also, the line item you are trying to get from the source to the target.

  • Hi Joh04924 and others pursuing the L2 course,


    I would recommend looking at the system modules already available to you that align the parents for each hierarchy level. 

    Readily available are the Product Details and SKU Details modules which list the parents in their modules.  


    Create a new (intermediary - they make it sound more scary than it is) module that takes the growth rate line item by Product Family and write the lookup for SYS04 Product Details.Product Family. 


    Then in the Demand Forecast module, do the same but for SYS08 SKU Details.Product 

    The second one would look like so:

    'DEM02 Volume Growth Rates by Product'.Growth %[LOOKUP: 'SYS08 SKU Details'.Product]