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Hi Team,


I'm trying to create a List item from a module through a standard Import action but the Import is using the Line Item name rather than the input data for the List Import. I feel like this is such a simple thing to do but I managed to mess it up somehow 😂


The process is:



Create saved view with data from input. The 2 Blank dimensions are for an action after this to allow for the input cell to be cleared



The Import from the saved view only allows the selection of Line Items, Dimension 1 or Dimension 2 to be mapped


Result of Import - It is taking the Line item name 'New Job Title' as the data import rather than the Line Item value







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  • anikdas
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    Hi @MarkTurkenburg 

    I tried this at my end, you are correct - the way your saved view is setup, it only gives option of first 3 columns. This is because the last column is without any header and actually is a value of the line item.

    Tweaking the view to look like below should help solve your issue with the import (unless there are any pertinent reason of not being able to do so).

    Screenshot 2020-07-01 at 9.31.19 AM.png