Level 2 Conclusion : Connecting to the FP&A model


Hello - How do I connect to the FP&A model ? I am not sure if I missed reading about this. Can you please provide guidance on this ?




  • Hello @sunilramakumar 


    There is no special setup one should do to connect models. 
    The way models are connected is by doing a model to model import for example 


    You can check the models connected to your current model from the Source Models setting menu 



  • Thank you Einas. I thought we had a different model for Level 2.

  • cbeh

    Hi Einas,


    Is the level 2 model the original which we download or the one after we made changes to it? 


    Thank you,

    Cheng Hong

  • Hello @cbeh 


    The one you made changes to.
    The one we download is just a starting point

  • cbeh

    Thanks einas!