Level 2 Sprint 3 INV01- Beginning Inventory Calculation Not Working



I am sure I am using correct formula for calculating Beginning Inventory but my module doesnt seem to reflect that.

Formula - IF 'SYS01 Time Settings By Week'.'Not 1st week of Timescale?' THEN PREVIOUS(Ending Inventory) ELSE 'DAT01 Beginning Inventory'.Beginning Inventory.

But output for first month is coming 0 since it is not picking up value from DAT01.

Please help



  • Hello @Karan.dhanak 


    1. Is this happening with all SKUs or just the one in the screenshot?

    2. Have you confirmed that the data is correct in  Dat01?

    3. Use Drill Down (F8) to view the calculations step by step maybe that will give you an idea where is it going wrong?

    4. Are you sure your Not 1st week of Timescale? is returning the right value?

    5. Ensure that you have the right dimensions for both Source and Target modules, they both should be dimensioned with P3 SKU


    Check the above and let me know what you find. 

  • Hi @einas.ibrahim ,


    Yes, all the points that you mentioned, I had already checked. Actually, the values were appearing fine a day ago but suddenly the Beginning inventory from DAT01 stopped being reflected today. Hence, I added a LookUp at the end of the formula i had put earlier and the values started reflecting again. 


    Funny enough, I tried removing the LookUp I had added to see if the values still appeared the same and surprisingly they did. I believe there would have been some Anaplan bug which temporarily failed the formula.

    Anyway, thanks for the input and prompt response.

  • @Karan.dhanak 


    A word about using the LOOKUP in this particular formula. You will notice that both 

    1. 'DAT01 Beginning Inventory'.Beginning Inventory[LOOKUP: Distribution Center]  and 
    2. 'DAT01 Beginning Inventory'.Beginning Inventory

    return the correct answer. Why is that? and which formula is correct?




    If we follow the logic of constructing a lookup we will find that the Source module is dimensioned by both P3 SKU and the Distribution Center Location, while the Target is dimensioned only by P3 SKU. This means if I want to get a single value (intersection) then I need to provide the Location lookup, otherwise, since we didn't specify a location the formula will return the Beginning Inventory for the P3 SKU in All Locations.


    Since the data in DAT01 is organized in such a way that each SKU is distributed from a single location then the result of the first formula for Nutzo Bar_EN is 13,000



    The result of the second formula - without the Location Lookup - will return the sum of the beginning inventory for All Locations for Nutzo Bar_EN which is also 13,000 since the value of all Beginning Inventory in the other locations is 0


    You may argue that the way DAT01 is set up is not the best since it results in a lot of sparsity, but there might be good reasons to have a setup like that. Auditability for example or if you plan to distribute a product from more than one location.


    For that reason, while both of the above formulas return the same correct value, for sustainability you should use the first one; 'DAT01 Beginning Inventory'.Beginning Inventory[LOOKUP: Distribution Center] 

  • Thanks for the wonderful explanation. But the issue still remained when I didnt use the LookUp and got resolved when i added it, which is really surprising. However, I removed the lookup yesterday after your response and it updated just fine which was not happening day before yesterday. So no idea what the bug was.
  • Hello, 

    I am having the same issue with my formula returning zero for the first week. How did you resolve it??

  • Hello,
    2 options:
    1. Wait for a day, it sometimes resolves itself.
    2. Add a lookup for Distribution center at the end of the formula. (But in exam, don't use the lookup added, use the existing formula only).
  • Hi, Just looking at your comments.. I would recommend to check the if System module used for the Distribution center lookup is populated. As I believe this would a logical reason for the issue, may be this was populate on the second day..  

  • Hi - Is this still a bug. I also get zero for the week 1 FY20.


    Any help is highly appreciated.

  • mshaw
    What summary method are you using for the Beginning Inventory line item in DAT01 Beginning Inventory module? When I change the summary to None, wk1 in INV01 goes to zero. So, make sure summary method is "sum".
  • When trying to use [Lookup: Distribution Center] I get an error saying there is no line item called Distribution Center. What am I doing wrong here?

  • sobaid

    Lookup will work if you are doing lookup from a  system module(dimension less) or the same module, is Distribution center Line item present in your module?

  • Nope. There is no such line item (as it is not there as part of the Sprint 3 training).

    If we were to add a line item with distribution centers, then we may as well add a dimension for it to the module right?

  • sobaid

    Hi @Saket2022 , please check your system module SYS08 for distribution center, you can lookup from there. I believe you are looking for the logic of Shipping Method line item.