Import mapping issue


I have an excel sheet which has to be imported into an module.

It has columns A,B,C,D and from E Column it has Time Dim and each of these have data. PFB the screenshot as below.





In the Module, A Column, B Column, D Column are lists and C Column is just an text filed which has to be imported. Hence I created a line item for C Column. The data 300,400,500 is the data value.

So the module contains Lists(A,B,D Columns), Time Dimension and there are 2 line items called Data which will Import 300,400, 500 and C Column which should Import 'Apple' in the module.


But when I try to create Import action and do the Mapping, I have to put Time Dim as 'Column headers' and 'Ask each time Import is run' for line items(Data, C Column).

If this is done,  the line item C Column is not holding the value Apple, Instead it contains 300,400,500.


Please help on the same.






  • anirudh

    Hi Rajasekhar,


    Try having 2 import actions instead of just one

    In the first import action have column headers as Time mapping and finish importing 300, 400, 500 etc


    In the next import map column headers to line items and in the line item mapping tab, map the C Column to your line item in the module. The Apr-20 etc columns can be ignored


    Combine these 2 actions in a process to update both value and text members in one shot