Error in city names between Supply Chain and Financial Planning Models


Hello - I am seeing a difference in city names between Supply Chain and planning models. Has anyone faced this issue ? And if so, can you guide me on how to fix the problem. The activity asks for zero errors and the different city names under Canada & India is causing errors in import

Level 2 - Supply Chain











  • Hi @sunilramakumar,


    when you create your import action, you can map the cities on your G3 Location tab. I recall doing it when I was working on Level 2 too.


    Please let me know if you managed!

  • Hi Filip - I edited the list entry in supply chain and imported it. That removed the ignored errors.



  • @sunilramakumar 

    I believe I responded to the same question before. I don't know if the Academy created that discrepancy on purpose to force us to resolve it or it's an oversight.
    We will face situations of mismatched data in client implementation a lot and we have to make a decision how do we want to deal with it.

    Mapping the 2 different names is certainly one of the solutions. 


    In a real client implementation, we opted for changing the name in the source system. 

  • Thank you. I appreciate the inputs.