June 2020 Release Updates


June 2020 Release Updates

Did you check out the latest features released in June 2020? Here is the link for full updates and a sneak peek at July June Release and Sneak Peek at July

Some of the features that look amazing are

1. KPI Card Sparklines: You can add Sparklines to your KPI cards to spot patterns or peaks/troughs or simply put upward and downward trends. To include the Sparkline in your KPI card, you will have to enable this feature by going to card configuration, click on KPI and toggle the button towards right




2. Editable drill downs: You can now edit the drilled down grid in NUX to see the impact of changes at the bottom level of drilled down hierarchy on aggregated summaries. This feature was already available in Classic and now it is available in NUX as well.

3. Field Card Layout: You can now have the horizontal layout of the field card in addition to existing vertical layout. In order to have Horizontal layout just toggle the button towards right on card configuration panel





4. Graphs to include more than 200 data points: In classic dashboard there is a limitation on the number of data points that can be displayed. If you try to publish a graph with more than 200 data points on any axis this is the error you will get



In NUX there is no such limitation and you can publish the graphs with no restrictions whatsoever.

There are other features on Integration, Mobile Applications and on performance please go through the link given above