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I would like to create an easy way to add or delete some items from a general list for the end user. 

I saw that i can create an action button "create" to do that, but i can't find the list 

Do you know why, or how I can do that ? 


Thank you, 




  • hi @aeyzat 


    Create action works for numbered list, for general list, you can publish the grid view list to the dashboard , and there + icon is there to add items, Alternatively you can try this

    1. Create a dummy list with 1 item

    2. create a module with that list as dimension, add name parent code line items as text formatted , and add name , parent or code for the item you want to add to the list

    3. create action to load list from that module,map fields accordingly

    4. Create action to clear the module

    5. combine the 2 actions to process and publish to dashboard


    here add is a module with dummy list, line items I added name and code of new product to be added to the list, items is the general list i need to add items to,


    This is process I published, first it adds item from module to the list, then clears the module so that it becomes blank and new item can be added, 


    After running , you can see, the module is cleared and item 9 is added to the list


    In order to delete item from list, delete from list using selection is an action available in anaplan, which enables to delete list items based on boolean,

    create a module with the list as dimension , add a boolean delete?, and edit the action to delete from list based on the boolean , then publish that action to dashboard


    hope it helps


  • the NUX has the form functionality which allows user to add items into any type of lists in a user friendly way with some client side control (alphanumeric, not blank etc)