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I am working on a model in which I have a combination list(A numbered list with various properties such as states, product, factories) applied to a module. When I am creating my excel sheet for that particular module using excel add in version 3.4 I am getting all the combinations of the list irrespective of the fact that I have access to only one state and can see data of that particular state only in my excel sheet. But despite of this I am getting the list of all the combinations in my excel sheet with no data information.


FYI: We have applied DCA in the write access of the module which is controlling the information that is getting retrieved to me in excel. Further, to this selective access can not be applied to this particular combination list as it is a flat list and it is not possible to make it a hierarchical list and moreover the combinations keep getting updated.


So is there any way to control the list information accessible to me in excel such that only the combinations of my particular state are retrieved to me using excel add in version 3.4.


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  • anirudh

    Hi @CommunityMember131357 


    Great question! Unfortunately it's not possible to restrict a combination list without selective access. There's no way to apply Filters when extracting data using the Excel Add-in.


    So, to achieve your requirement, you will have to automate user security using import actions. Check this video



    Basically all list members (in the combination list) belonging to a state that the user has access to should have a TRUE boolean against the member. Then import this boolean into the user security settings against the read access for the combination list


    If you need more help, let me know!