PageAdd Location and Product Page Selectors to Dashboard


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I am stuck in page selection part on part 12, I have 2 doubts on that:

1)  On PageAdd Location and Product Page Selectors to Dashboard it was not shown as in how to execute page selection in DB.

2) I found a discrepancy in the modules shown as an example in PageAdd Location and Product Page Selectors to Dashboard of the DB

Course DB.jpg

My DB is as below:

My DB.jpg


1)  I followed all the steps which include only REV02 Volumes module and REV03 margin module, where it seems the problem is with pivot setting, but I set the pivot setting as suggested by the steps in the course. So I think I need to amend on that?

2) The course DB is showing sales price and cost price which was in REV01 Price book module but in DB section it was nowhere mentioned to published the REV01 module as well.

Am I missing on something? please help me with this.


  • @kunal_311 


    You can achieve this by edit dashboard(DB) and in the left side pane, you may find the option to activate/deactivate the page selector.

    Pivot and create saved views and publish on DB prior or you can pivot on the DB itself




    Hope this is what you were looking for.



  • Hi @kunal_311 ,


    From what I see, you need to pivot the view of each module to fit the one from the Add Location and Product Page Selectors to Dashboard. Just try to copy their pivoting into your dashboard. In case you needed, here is a tutorial on how to pivot.


    Beside that, in the tutorial they deactivated the page selectors per module (grayed out). However, they posted at the top the page selectors (below image).





    If you have any questions, feel free to reach out! Hope this helps.


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