Un-check a box if it fulfills a condition?




Situation: I have a grid where a user enters in the number of tables they would need for an upcoming event. In the grid, I have a "submit for approval" checkbox for the user to check once they have entered their table demand unit. Then it goes to the Admin to either approve, reject or "put on hold." If it is put on hold, I want the ability for the box to become unchecked for the user so that he can change his demand (usually meaning he has to decrease his unit ask) and then recheck the box to resubmit. I'm curious as to how to accomplish this.  




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  • einas.ibrahim

    Hi @sosunkwo 


    The only way you can do this is by running an action. In the action you import the value of unchecked line item (you have to create) to the checkbox line item in question. The value of the checkbox will accordingly change 


  • Hi @sosunkwo ,


    • If the User and the Admin are using the same dashboard (but have a different view per user), I would ask the Admin to "untick" the box if the User request it is put on hold.
    • Otherwise, as @einas.ibrahim was pointing out, you need to create an import action that removes the tick for all products that are marked as "on hold". This process must be ran by the Admin when he/she finishes evaluating the number of tables for the events.


    Hope this helps! Good luck with your build 🙂


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  • @einas.ibrahim thanks for the reply. This actually solved it. 

  • @Constantin you know, the first option is actually a good workaround. Thank you!. Cheers