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I'm struggling to understand the concept of Default Files when Exporting. I have created a Saved Export Definition when Exporting from a Module & I am creating a Process to house this so that it can be published on a Dashboard for a User to use


I have set the Default file to Private/Myself & when the User has executed the Process Action on the Dashboard & they were able to download the report


Could someone help me understand what a Private File is when Exporting data?






  • Misbah



    As far as I know: Upon creation of an export action if you choose the default file to be private only you as an WS admin will be able to export the file from the Actions Menu. No other WS admin will be able to do so unless you change the settings to Admins Only or Everyone.


    When such an export (Process) is published on the dashboard anybody can export the file and has nothing to do with the settings that you may have set in the back end.


    Hope that helps


  • A default file is what you get if retrieve it using the API when you (as a model user) have not run the export in the last 48 hours; if no default file has been set then you receive an error instead when you try to retrieve the file using the API without first running it. Setting a default file can be useful when an integration always expects some content (even if just column headers) to be present, although is more frequently useful for import files, where it also may be used when editing an import. One frequent source of confusion comes about because the opportunity to set the default file - which is a one-off operation you have the opportunity to do when you run an export - is presented at the same time as various options for the export which are persisted in a saved export action. Setting the default file (or keeping the file private) does not affect whether other users can run the export - that should be done by adjusting role access.