Waterfall Chart Issue

Hi All,


I am trying to build a waterfall chart and issue i am facing is on the End Total.


Scenario - 


Publish a waterfall chart of basis points value ( not absolute numbers ) or you can consider the percentage value.  We have a baseline and division wise input as basis point, we have show the movement across divisions and than the Final End total at all division.


We have Three Divisions - Division A , B and C and parent as All Division


Baseline - 50 bps

Division A -10 bps

Division B - 20 bps

Division C - 30 bps 

End Total (All Division) - 80 bps ( Point here is that is not sum of base + division as it calculated value)


Now challenge i am facing is until i put a sum in end total i can't prepare a waterfall chart and if i sum it than it is now showing the correct value.


Need community inputs and suggestion for way around this.






  • that's how waterfall chart work, with line items, one being a sum of the rest.

    You have to transpose your dimension values to line items to make it work

  • @nathan_rudman 


    We have already transposed this from Dimension to Line item. Because we ca't show the movement in Dimension so we transposed this as Line Item. 




  • ah I get it. the var of the division is not equal to the sum of the var of each division of course
    which means this is not a waterfall chart.

    I don't think you can fool the chart logic by hiding the value inside, it is checking that only a pure addition works

  • Hi @nathan_rudman  


    Got it. Just checking out if i can any way get some solution from someone who committed this to client. 😄 




  • haven't tried in NUX though it might be a bit different