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I created an export button and used March period when I created the export action. Now I published the button in the dashboard. In the dashboard I selected period June and clicked the Export button. I was expecting that June period will be exported but the exported data is for March period. How do we sync the export button to export the data selected in the page selector on the dashboard?




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  • Constantin
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    Hi @Ana22 ,


    In this case, I would show all the months in the export module but add a filter boolean that shows only the month that the user selects in the dashboard.


    On short:

    Step 1. Create a Boolean in the module from which you will export. This will be used later as a filter



    Step 2. Link the cell where the User is selecting the month (below image) to the Filter Boolean from the Export Module by adding a formula (above image)



    Step 3. In the Export Module, in the view for export add the filter based on the boolean


    The Dashboard Should look something like this (below image). If you select a month and run the export, it should only export what was selected.




    Please let me know if I wasn't clear enough. Hope this helps!


    Kind regards,



  • anirudh

    Hi Ana,

    Export views cannot be modified after creating the export action
    If you want to allow users to export a particular month, remove the time dimension from your export module, use the LOOKUP formula to load data into a line item for that particular month.Ex: Data[LOOKUP: Select Month]


    Then publish the 'Select Month' line item in a dashboard for users to modify.
    This solution doesn't apply in all cases, so let me know if you need more help setting this up


  • Ana22
    Thanks! But I don't think I can create a separate export module with no time dimension as we have limited WS. We need to have the time dimension in the module that I need to export and user only needs to export the data of the selected month. Is there another way? Thanks for your help 🙂
  • anirudh

    Hi Ana,


    I think there was a misunderstanding! We only remove the time dimension from the module so that the user can select which month he wants to export. The data is then exported only for the selected month

    Here's what I meant:


    A module which contains the data to be exported (with time dimension)





    An export module (without time dimension)



    I then apply a lookup formula to this line item (Create and save an export action from this module)




    This is the Select Time (no dimensions on this module)


    If I change this selection to May 20, this is what the Export module looks like


    So an export action from this module along with publishing the Select Time.Month line item to a dashboard, should work for you





  • If in the model , time dimension is already available due to that your process (dynamic filter) for export is not working , can you advice a new process