Changing Order of the Context Selectors in New UX Anaplan


Hi All,


While working on the New UX, I am facing an issue with the Context selectors. On the Dashboard, I have 5 context selectors (Say A, B, C, D, E in order). Is there a way by which I can change the order of these selectors (Say, E, B, A, C, D) as per the User requirement?  

I tried changing the order of these dimensions in the saved view that was used on the Dashboard, but it didn't solve the problem for me.


Please let me know if anyone found a solution to this.



  • Hello @dhirajv1992 ,


    It is the order of the dimension (list) creation. Currently we are not able to rearrange them, according to our wish.


    It is not controlled by the order of adding the grids to the page, it is not controlled by arrangement of the context selector in the pivot, it is simply following the dimension order by creation.