Export using JDBC - API request fails


Hi Experts,


Trying to export data from Anaplan to SQL using JDBC connection. the script was working good for my last export where i was able to export the data to SQL successfully. Approach is the same and with new export script now, Script was working good till export and i encounter 500 internal server error for new exports. API attempts to fetch the file (export id)  but fails


I used batch connection to export the data, export was successful and created the export ID. While exporting this file to database it fails as the referenced ID could not be fetched. API request is attempting to fetch that particular export id and ending up without result. After multiple attempts it prompts error (attached the batch execution screen)


Kindly explain why this unusual behavior and how to overcome this situation.


Note: i referred one another post for a similar issues but there was no solution. (that worked without any changes)





  • There is a known issue with the export metadata API endpoint which is used by Anaplan Connect when exporting to a database (and also by the -emd option) - this is triggered when the export was saved with a filter set on the view that excludes all data. This will be fixed in the next release. If this is the case, try changing and re-saving the export definition.


  • Hi @ben_speight ,

    you are correct Ben, used filter in the saved view to export specific set of data into database. As suggested will try to reset the definition and give a try to validate the export into DB. But requirement is to get one particular dataset into DB (filter is required to align to the requirement)

    hope to hear better options in next release



  • Hi @ben_speight 


    After Investigation, the current Issue is identified in API request and not in Anaplan Export. Issue is passed to Level 3 Support to further action