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I just wanted to understand that in new UX is there any option to prevent user from  from inputting the data manually himself but still run the import process setup.


If I use the option of disabling the editable data button in the worksheet or board then will the user be still able to run the import process setup. I am asking this because the user has to run the import process as it has been setup as per the requirement of flowing data from another model where the data is input by other users but I have to prevent him from overriding those values.


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  • Misbah
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    Yes, that is an added feature in NUX which can be used in such cases & Imports will work seamlessly. However on Primary Grid of Worksheets I don't think it is possible to restrict the end users not to Edit the data in NUX. I am not sure why but if you want to keep target module as read only & not allow end users to edit the data then there is a workaround of keeping that target module in Additional Insights Panel as secondary grid


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    The Allow editing option is restricted to the lineitem/module/App in the NUX.

    The target lineitem would be populated irrespective of allow editing enabled/disabled once the import action is run by the end user.