Importing with Time Dim in Mapping



I have an Module with Tim Dim and list. It has a line item called Data which is an Input filed. I need to create action such that the data gets copied from one quarter to other. Example: I need to copy data which is Q1 to Q2.

I tried to create a saved view and create an Import action from saved view to module, but it doesn't work i.e the data is not getting imported.


In the action, mapping tab, Time Dim is Column headers or Just Column 1. Time. I'm unable to map Q1-->Q2.


Please let me know how to map Q1-->Q2 in my Import action when Time is a standard dim in the module.






  • I would try to add a staging line that shows the NEXT(ITEM(TIME))


    You can then base the time in your import on that new line item






  • Thank you Jason,


    But please may I know if you are going to create a saved view and create action from saved view to module. If yes, I how would Anaplan recognize that it the same line item data value would shift from 1 qtr to other.


    If possible, please can you send screenshot for an example. Thanks a lot in Advance.




  • @Rajasekhar 


    Any specific reason that you want to import the data from one quarter to next? What is the dimensionality of your timescale - Is it weeks,months or quarters? Why don't you think of creating another line item and write a formula in it.

  • Hi @Rajasekhar 


    You probably need to create 2 saved views where Time (Quarters) is a page selector.

    One saves view is the source and the other is the target
    Apply a Time filter on each saved view to show the Q to be copied from in the source view and the Q to be copied to in the target view. 

    For this to be dynamic, create a system time module to designate the Source and Target Qs either by using a formula or a manual user input. 

    Then, create your import action to import from source saved view to target saved view.