New UX clearing user entry

I have a display which allows user to enter values he/she is  looking for. The page is based on module dimensioned by USERS. As the new UX requires user to clear the field one at a time and we have quite a few fields for filtering, I thought I create an action that will reset the fields from other dummy fields which are blanks. The problem is the import action does it for all users and not only for the user that initiate the clearing (import).  Is there a way to clear the line items for the user that initiates the action only? Thank you/


  • Further to my post, it looks like the action does what I expect it to do (ie. clear only entries by user who initiate the action) if the user is not workspace administrator. Is this what is expected? Thank you,
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    You can consider turning off "Show All users" on the module. This will restrict the visibility to the current user.


    So even workspace admin cannot write into other users.









  • @cbeh 


    About the behavior of Import action by the WS admin, yes that is the expected behavior. 

  • I tried that. I think I must be doing something wrong. It limits visibility to other user records but it still clears the other users selections when I do the Import from the new UX page.

    Thank you.
  • Is there another way to clear the line Items without Importing just so as to clear the filter selection?  Thank you.