Unable to change the pivot of a module



I am trying to change the pivot for my model by making the line items as columns and comp incoming inprocess demand sequence id as row. After clicking OK in the pivot form, I can see the changes take place. But, if I close the module and comeback,I see the changes are reverted and go back to previous setup. Can you help to check if miss any thing here?

Screen shots attached in sequence.






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  • Misbah
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    In addition to what @filip.sypniewski  mentioned to save the changes if you are re-pivoting the module and want to save it as a default view of a module or saved view of the module, there are other places where you need to save the changes


    Conditional Formatting: Every time you introduce conditional formatting you will have to save the changes

    Column Settings: Whenever you change the width of columns, change needs to be saved

    Hide/Show: Change needs to be saved


    Hope that additional piece of info helps


  • praba71
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    Thanks all for the clarification.


  • Hi @praba71,


    that is normal behavior. You need to save your view after pivot. 


    Click "View" in your module, and then 'Save As' - you can either create new view or save it as your default view. 


    Please let me know if you have additional questions! 

  • Thanks Filip for the short & concise solution!