Unable to link two modules to aggregate the data


Need help in resolving this issue.  I am having two modules, Comp Onhand Inventory and Comp Demand Analysis. 

Comp Onhand Inventory holds onhand inventory information for Items in each organisation. Each item is assigned to a configuration.I am trying to aggregate  the onhand information by Organisation and Configuration in the module Comp Demand Analysis.But,I am not getting the value showing up in the Comp Demand Analysis module. I have attached the screen shots with this. 

can you help me to find out what is missing here?







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  • Constantin
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    Hi @praba71,


    I hope you are doing fine! I just replicated at a small scale what you want to do and it works just fine (images attached to this message). Can you have a quick look at my simplified model and try identify the issue in your calculation? This was based on your initial calculation. Please let us know your thoughts on it.


    Hope this helps!


    Kind regards,


  • Constantin
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    Glad to hear that!

    I wish you all the best with your build.