Import Error - More than one value for non-numeric cell


Hello everyone,


I'm receiving the following error "More than one value for non-numeric cell" when importing data from our Data Hub model into our spoke model:


Import Error.png


The file that I'm importing into a module in our Data Hub contains a table (in CSV format): 


Data Import Ex.png


The "Id" values (which are unique identifiers tied to separate records) are then used to create a FL list in both models. Both modules in both models utilize that FL list as a dimension.


The error then occurs when I import the data from the module in the Data Hub model into the module in the spoke model (let's call that module "DATA Time Transactions"). 


Here are my line items for the DATA Time Transactions:


Line Items.png


And here is the Blueprint view of my line items:


Line Items - Blueprint view.png


I was able to find this post on Anaplan Community from last year, but it doesn't seem to fully address/help me troubleshoot my situation here as I don't think I'm loading the same value twice for the same item. Moreover, even if there were duplicate values, should that even throw up an error if my FL list consists of unique identifiers?



Thank you in advance for helping - and do please let me know if I need to provide any additional information to further contextualize my error! 😅



  • Can you also share the mappings in the action you have done?