What’s The Anaplan Way Certification?

The Anaplan Way is more than a methodology or framework to implement Anaplan applications; it’s a philosophy and a way of working that is truly transformational.  With the Anaplan Way, collaboration, prioritization, and broad-based buy-in come before project planning.


The Anaplan Way Certification has two parts:

·         Attendance of the in-person The Anaplan Way course (haven’t attended yet?  Dates and locations here)

·         Completion of Model Design (details below)


Certification is required for any Anaplan consultant who wishes to be considered "on the bench" for billable work or projects.  Partners who do not update their certification status by 7/31/17 will not be eligible for billable work until certification criteria is updated.  Learn more about The Anaplan Way here



What’s the Model Design class?

Great model design is about avoiding a trip back to the drawing board after you’ve realized you completely overlooked an important part of the company’s business structure or processes. In other words, time spent at the front end of the model design process is time saved during the model-building process.


Determining what needs to be gathered to make the model work, who will use the model, how they will use it and establishing how data flows through the model are all important considerations that must clearly defined to avoid any unwanted surprises after the model building begins.


We have developed a simple process for how to design a model, but it is important to keep in mind the importance of understanding current (and future) best practices and functionality.


Model Design is a self-paced learning experience with Field Enablement Partner support.   Learners can access all materials in the Model Design section of the Anaplan Community and work at their own pace through the pre-work and Case Study.  Using what they have learned, learners will design a model schema.



What should I do to prepare?

Make sure that you have met the pre-requisites, available in the Learning Center:

·         Model Building learning path (101: Foundations, 102:  Introduction to Model Building, 201: Intermediate Model Building, or their previous equivalents)

·         The Agile Suite (140, 342, 342)


Please note:  If you were previously certified as an Anaplan Solution Architect, completed 299: Anaplan Partner Certification Project, or have current designation as a Master Anaplanner, you are grandfathered as having met the above pre-requisites. You are not required (but are strongly encouraged!) to complete Model Design to attain The Anaplan Way certification.



I’m excited!  What next?

1.      Register for Community (if you haven’t already):

  • Navigate to https://community.anaplan.com/
  • Click “Sign In” in the top-right corner of the page
  • In the Sign In window, click the “New User? Register here.” link. 
  • Complete the new user registration and log in to the community


2.      Navigate to the Model Design course materials

  • Make sure you are logged into Community, and then click the hamburger menu on the upper left hand side.
  • Navigate to Education, and click Model Design and then Resources
  • Using the links on the right hand side of the page, go through the Pre-Work, and learn about Improving Your Model Design Skills.



3.      If you have questions about any of the topics, please post them in the Model Design forums.



 Are you ready?  Start Model Design today!



  • Hey Diana,

    What programs does Anaplan recommend to build Schemas? I know there are a lot out there, but was curious as to what the majority are using in your experience.

  • We don't have a particular program that we recomend.  I know that some people use Lucidchart or Omnigraffle, or even PowerPoint.