Planual Explained - Day 30


“Rule 4.01-09": Article 4, Chapter 1, and Rule 9 – “Publish charts will full filters initially”If the chart has a filtered axis, set the filter such that all items are shown, then publish the chart.  Then set the filter criteria back as desired; the chart will then respect the filter

Use Case:  Based on the selected month which an end user will select on the dashboard end users want to see the same month of the prior year and of the future year in a graphical representation so that he can compare his current month numbers with PY Actuals and can also see the Forecast numbers

 Here is how it was done in Pre Planual Era: We used to create a saved view with filters applied based on the logic. And then publish the chart based on the saved view of the grid



What is wrong with this method? It will be not be dynamically updated when end users change the selection from the current month to any other month on the dashboard. Instead end users will be greeted with the error message like this.


That is because charts have been published from the saved view which displayed selection with respect to Jan 20 selection

Here is how it should be done in Planual Way: The filter that you have applied on the saved view needs to be changed to so that all months of the timescale are shown, publish the chart, come back to the filter and apply the logic back in to the line item. Assuming you already have SYS Time Module in place you should follow the steps

Step 1:  Go to Filter Line item in SYS Time Module and Set it as TRUE

Step 2:  Publish the chart based on the the newly filtered line item, which shows all the months. Your chart may look like this



Step 3: Go back to the filter line item (which is applied on the saved view) and apply the logic as per the requirement

Step 4: Refresh the dashboard





  • Keeping those graphs dynamic really is key for end users.

    Really was a pain having to keep on republishing graphs when they weren't needed to... just got to keep the model calendar up to date!