Filter Time Periods from Page Selector (No Subsets please)

Hi Team - 

I have a requirement that some specific users are to view the data of x months (say, 3) in the future and not more. I have a module that has a time dimension in it and for visibility purposes (because of multiple line items), I had to keep the time dimension in the page selector.

I have created already a module where I am identifying the x periods in the future by a boolean. I can only use this as my filter in a module when I have the time dimension not in the page selector. But I am looking at the possibility of publishing that module in NUX on a page with only x months in future showing up in the page selector - so the users can't access the data of remaining months. How can I do this?


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  • anirudh
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    Hi Guru,


    Set up a User dimensioned module for filtering



    Go to the published selector in the New UX, edit the page and click on the settings gear next to the Time Dropdown and click on Filter.

    Point the filter to the User dimensioned time filter module


    Publish and check the selector now, it will be filtered only to the members that the user is restricted to in the Filter module


    Let me know if this works






  • anirudh
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    Hi Guru,

    Go to the saved view of the module with 2 lists and then
    1. Pivot the top level list to rows, right click the top level only and click Show
    2. Pivot this list back to page selector
    3. Other list can continue to be page selector with no changes
    4. Use this saved view and publish the grid in new ux. Now when user views this grid, only top level will be visible



  • @anirudh 


    I got a solution out of this for another requirement. 🙂 where in i need to filter the product and geo lists.

  • Anirudh - this is awesome! It worked, I have however not used a user dimension module but applied the filter using a different approach - I didn't know the filter on the page selector which you exposed to me now.
    By the way, I am now exploring the possibility of showing all list members using that filter. So, as an example, if i am publishing a module dimensioned by two lists and one of the lists should always be showed as 'top level item' while the selection can be made on only one list - how can I do that? Any thoughts on this please?
    Thanks again!
  • Hi @GuruAP 

    May be you can try this.Tick the higlighted.



  • I didnt understand the requirement completely previously i guess.

    But this requirement can be achieved directly in NUX rather creating saved views and publishing.

    In the edit mode in NUX,Just need to select top level of list in setting , disable Sync page for that list and select off/label for the list ,update and publish to dashboard.

    I have been doing this lately.



  • HI Anirudh - On the same topic, I am stuck. I will take a simple example. I have a list with 5 members say. For some set of users, the data has to be made visible all the time only by 3 list members grouped together, and for another set of users, it is to be grouped by the remaining two members. There is only one module where all the calculation has happened with respect to this list. I now can't use the subset and break this module into two as it has the usage by many other modules. 

    I need to figure out a way to show on one NUX page grouped by 3 list members and on the other NUX page grouped by the other two.

    Can you suggest a way here please?