Importing file into flat lists


I was trying to import data from country CSV to a country flat list.

but since the format of the source file was such that parent needs to be entered while importing or else it is throwing error.

Due to which imported data comes as hierarchy and not as flat list.

Please help with this.


  • Misbah



    What error are you getting? In order for you to create a flat list you need to ignore mapping for Parent and map Code and Name.

  • Hello @kunal_311 

    By definition, a Flat List doesn't have a parent. If you are importing into the list shown in your file LVL 2 FLAT.jpg then you are importing into the wrong list.
    Scroll down the list page in your model until you see the separator ----Flat Lists ----, these are the Flat Lists to which you should be importing the data from the csv files.

    Later on, you will use a process to build the hierarchy Region > Country > Location



  • I am still getting error



    Can anyone help on this error?

  • got the solution. You only need to import the country name in country flat as column1.

  • I encountered the same problem. The source file contains the "parent column". When I imported the file, it does not allow me to keep the parent column blank. 



    what should I choose in the yellow highlighted part?


    Thanks a ton! 

  • Same issue here..

    The list is under the "Flat Lists" but Anaplan doesn't let me proceed without assigning a parent.

    What can I do now?

  • Thanks a lot. Can't believe it could be that easy.. 🙂

  • I am encountering aa error while importing the SKU flat file,

    • Import the data file into the SKU Flat list in the Data Hub model.
    • Remember this is a flat list. Only include the item name and Code. There should not be a parent assigned.