Level 2 - Sprint 3 - INV01 Results Differences


Hello -

Is it normal to have small discrepancies in numbers, between my results and what's in Review the INV01 Line Item Formulas and Summary Method settings. In the attached screen shot, I have not accounted for the different summary methods yet. 

Example (Submit Purchase Order Receipt check box is selected):

- Beginning Inventory - Week 3 FY 20, I have 8,947 whereas the results are indicating 8,902

- Forecast Demand - Week 2 FY 20, I have 2,005 whereas the results are indicating 2,050 - however our totals for Jan 20 are the same.

- Suggested Order Amount for the Month - we have the exact same values for Weeks 1 -4 however for Jan 20 i have 32,596, and the results are showing 32,776.


Thank you in advance! 


  • Misbah



    I don’t think there should be any discrepancy in the numbers as long as you submit your purchase order in the same week what is to be expcted. Summary methods should also be kept appropriately as you don’t want some weekly numbers to be added into months. For example week 3 beg inv should not have that much diff - that might be due to incorrect calcs or purchase order submitted in diff week.


    Hope that helps 


  • Hi @sdavidko 


    Make sure that you are not overriding the Base Forecast in Module DEM03.



  • Yes, that fixed it. THANK YOU!

  • Why am I off by two units?! For example, in INV01, my Forecast Demand for Week 2 is 2,048, whereas the results show 2,050. That throws off most of my number to be off by 2 units.


    Thank you 

  • Misbah



    That is because of Forecast Overriding. Check Nutzo bars, one of the product must be inflated to 62 from 60. I don't know which one but there must be one.

  • Yup. It worked. I had forgotten to check the forecast override from Sprint 2. 

    Thank you  

  • Hi Misbah,


    Just wanted to clarify if the line item suggested order should have Month as timescale ?



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