Level 2 - Sprint 2 - Product Family Manager dashboard



I've created my Global Demands Assumption dashboard and think I've followed every step but I am coming up with a couple of issues.


Firstly I have a different growth rate for Chocolate for February 2020. When checking the "View the Global Demand Assumptions Dashboard" (https://learning.anaplan.com/mod/page/view.php?id=12077) it shows a growth rate table that looks like this:



however mine looks like this:




When going back and checking my DEM03, DEM01 and raw data in the csv I appear to always have 3% growth for chocolate in February. It is even shown as 3% in the "Activity: Verify DEM03 Formulas & Summary Methods DEM03 Line Item Formulas" (https://learning.anaplan.com/mod/page/view.php?id=12070




I just wanted to check if I've missed something - I did have an issue where I'd forgotten to remove an override that was causing some of my numbers to be be out by 2. I've gone through every step and re-read the instructions but can't see anywhere where it should have been adjusted and changed to 5%




The second weird thing I have is on my dashboard when I first open it neither of my tables seem to sync the time properly. My growth% table shows Jan-Jun and my Forecast table only shows Jan20.




If I change the FY dropdown to FY21 and back to FY20 it shows all 12 months in both tables. I've tried removing and adding all the elements again but it seems to do the same thing each time.



  • Hi @RickyTillson 


    First, I think you copied the wrong screenshot for the growth rate grid in the training dashboard. But I understand your issue.


    If you checked the growth rate csv file and it matches your dashboard then you shouldn't worry. A lot of people have reported slight discrepancies on the same dashboard and in the training in general.


    On the issue of the data not appearing when you first open the dashboard, this happens because of the model time synchronization. If you have selected a different time period while working on a module, that is the time "selected" when you open the dashboard. Also, I believe having different scale time in the dashboard (Year/Month) is a factor as well.
    I'm not saying it's correct, I honestly keep saying I'll try to find a solution/workaround but I never got back to it.

    For the time being, just know this is the reason for that behavior, as long as you get the right data when you actually select a year, you should be fine