L2 Supply Chain Model - Errors while loading data from Data Hub Model


Dear Community,


I'm facing show stopper while running the historic volumes import into Supply Chain Model from the Data Hub Model.


I ensured the source model is mapped correctly in Supply Chain Model. Further also checked at the individual import step to see if the object is referred correctly. 


Still, I'm getting below error.


"Model object "'DAT03 Historic Volumes'.Export" could not be located"


Appreciate any help.







  • Hi Sudhir,

    System is unable to locate the source , so you have to remap the source and try.

    Step 1: Go to Import data source

    Step 2: Choose the "DAT03 Historic Volumes'.Export" source 

    Step 3: Go to New Source --> Connect to Anaplan Model and remap the source view.



    Vignesh M

  • SudhirY

    Thanks Vignesh!


    I tried remapping the source model as well at each import step. When I do this I see a new line in Source Model screen. As and when I kept remapping the model, the count of sources and imports started to switch to the new connection.


    I wasn't sure what I was doing this right, but after your note and checking with other colleague, was able to figure out that its normal to have such issue with the first import process in SC Model.


    May be worth for Team Anaplan to clarify it its the intention to have two lines for the same source model.




  • fuvasm

    Hi @SudhirY,

    When you navigate to Actions -> Import Data Sources tab, you have two options to manage data source;

    1. New Source - you can Add a new data source (additional line, as per your comment) 
    2. Edit - you can edit existing Data Source Label and point to your new data source. In this case, Source Model column will update to source model name, no additional line. 

    Trust this clarifies.