Module to Module Import


Hello Everyone,

I have a module named A. 
I have an action where the source object is a view of the module A and target object is the module A.
I have done the following mapping in the action.


All the Dimension have been correctly mapped for the import but when i come to the line items Mapping

  • I am mapping the "Sales Ops VP Approval" to "Approval Backup" and at the same time i am updating the "Sales Ops VP Approval" with "Clear Approval and push post Submission".

    So What will happen, and how the data will flow in such import action,
  • Is there a sequence in which the data will get updated like first data will be copied to the approval backup line item(from "Sales Ops VP Approval") and then sales ops VP approval line item is updated.
  • It will go hand in hand and we can't tell the order. Also there could be some issues too that we are not even aware of.

    Really need some help in understanding this.


  • Hi @CommunityMember118291,


    I made some checks on simple examples, and it worked as expected, submission was copied to backup, and then got cleared. Not sure if it depends on the order of line items maybe though.


    Anyway, how I would approach the following is to split it into two steps - two actions, which you can group into process. So first step (action) will be to copy your submission to the backup, and then second action to clear the submission. 


    This way you should avoid any problems. 

  • I agree with @filip.sypniewski. This will need to be done in two separate actions and then grouped into a process together. I am not entirely sure if there is a sequence to which line items get populated first during an imports.

    Best of luck!
  • fuvasm

    Hi @CommunityMember118291,


    If your objective is;

    1. To backup Sales Ops VP Approval data
    2. override Sales Ops VP Approval" data

    two-step approach is the right direction - two separate import actions combined into a single process. This will ensure your data is backed up into new line item before data is over-written in source line item.