Filter for standard Anaplan version list.


Hi everyone!

I have old model with Anaplan versions. We use switchover, Formula Scope and other special formula function. 


But for some of the modules, I need a filter by version: select those countries / brands for which there is data on at least one version (any). I don't want to use SELECT or hard-coded versions, since their number in the model is quite dynamic. I have a number of solutions, but they don't want to work with standard versions. What are some ideas?
So far, I have come up with only a workaround with PREVIOSVERSION, so I am ready to listen to alternative ideas.



  • Hi @AntonMineev 


    I would use a boolean line item in a module that has versions as a dimension. That module can have just versions or any combination of dimensions (countries/brands) if you are trying to filter on underlying data. Then your formula would pull from your data module with a formula to say it's true if any of the intersections have data greater than 0. You should then be able to apply this filter to any module with those same dimensions. Hope that helps. 

  • Hi @AntonMineev 


    If you want to take advantage of version related functions then you have to use Anaplan native versions. You can always use a versions list which could provide some flexibility but you won't be able to use the native version functions.

    This is a great article detailing the consideration for each


    I think I don't understand your business case below completely, but if you want to return the version used dynamically, you can use a system module with booleans determining the version 

    ISACTUALVERSION() would return Actual

    ISCURRENTVERSION() would return whichever version you marked as Current Version in your version setting tab

    If you have a 3rd version then you can simply use Not Actual? and Not (current version?)


    If you have more than 3 versions then you'll have to get a bit creative but I'd question why do you need all these versions and perhaps that may be a reason to consider "fake" list versions

  • @smithevan18 

    Thanks, I know this approach. The peculiarity is that I want to filter tables where versions are placed in columns. Therefore, I cannot make a filter on the "current page". I need a calculated indicator in which there will be no measurement of versions and the availability of data on at least one of them will already be taken into account.

    See attachment picture.


  • @einas.ibrahim 

    Thanks, I know this article.
    I already use the system module and the specified formulas, but in my model there can be more than 12 versions.
    These are monthly forecasts, each of which has its own switchover. Using fake versions will greatly complicate the gluing of the fact and forecast for each version (you will need to make a mix of imports and DCA).

  • @AntonMineev 


    perhaps I don’t fully understand your problem. 

    Do you want to show a subset of versions based on the month? (Rolling forecast?)

    If you want to show a subset of the native versions then you can’t do that directly. This is one of the benefits of a fake version list which I understand you can’t use. 

    As for hiding the zero values I’m sure you know you can do that through a filter (and quick filter)

  • @AntonMineev 


    What is the dimension on the rows?

    And are you trying to filter out that entire row if all versions are 0? Or just filter out the versions that are all 0? 


  • The rows contain the countries dimension that I would like to filter out. You are right, I want to hide the lines for which there is no data on this slice (similar to the function "Omit Empty Rows" in Anaplan to Excel Export).


    P.S. Quick filter (Hide zeros) is also not available in my case.

  • Hey @AntonMineev 

    Thank you for providing the screenshots they clarified your ask. 
    Here is one way to achieve your goal

    What you have (no Filter)

    What you want (with filter)

    Filter used





    For full disclosure, I'm breaking a couple of Best Practice rules here. You probably should use a Filter System module and combine the show? Boolean for all versions into one Boolean and use it for filtering the main module.

    Hope that help you get to what you need.