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I have created a new list called 'SKU' which needs to be added at the bottom of product hierarchy for SKU's.  

I have denoted the hierarchy and tried importing the data. Can someone please correct what's going wrong. Thanks 
















  • Hi @ankulkarni 


    “Invalid Parent” error occurs  for every item on the list when you haven’t imported data into the Parent List (P2) in your case 

    you have to load data in hierarchical list starting from the top level then go down. 

    basically you are telling Anaplan, Load this particular SKU and create a child-parent connection with that parent, however, since the parent list is not populated, Anaplan can’t create that relationship. 

  • Hi @ankulkarni


    As parent is not available in your model, Anaplan is not able to map child-to-parent (though you have set mapping rule). Ensure you import parent to your Lists, before importing child members. 



  • Hi @ankulkarni ,


    There can be 2 reasons to this
    1. Ether there is no data into the Parent List (i.e. P2 Products in your case) as mentioned by @einas.ibrahim & @fuvasm 


    2. If P2 Products is a numbered list then you need to capture the Code of Parent in the source import file and map the Code of Parent for the import.


    Hope this helps.


    ~ Jitendra

  • Data is present in all the hierarchy and I was able to apply the formula too

    Problem statement:- I did pull data ( volume) from DATAO2 into REV02 module and referencing REV02 module I need to find volume for cities w.r.t product

    In this case I want to check FY19 total CHOCOLATES consumed in Japan and I can even filter cities and products but the volume remains unchanged. 

    E.g if you see first cell for Jan 19 the volume is 706,982 which is constant for every item. 





  • Hi @ankulkarni 

    Why do you have a subsidiary view for Volume in your REV02? Fix that, please. If the reason you have this subsidiary view is what I think it is then your issue will be fixed. I can't confirm without looking at the module blueprint

  • The issue was with one of the dimension which i corrected and was able to solve.

    Thanks Einas!