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I added a card with a chat. in the chart design i want to change the colors of each one of the bars, but I can only see two.
Is there a way to see all of the items in the series and change their color?


Thank you

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  • Misbah
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    That's weird. Do you have any show/hide or filters applied. If yes, remove and republish. Also repivot once and try to publish.


    Make sure all the bars that you want to see are in Rows of Pivot


  • I had a filter on the view. I removed it, saved and repivot. Then I saw everything.
     Thank you @Misbah 

  • I had the same issue where I had a product filter that was limiting what was shown.  I found that if I changed the select to show the top level (which ensured all the rows were shown when I previewed in designer) that I could then publish and use my filters as normal.  The color selection then stays for all possible filters.