Level 1 - Expense by Role


I need to set Employee drivers by Role, so i created a list and imported roles data into it. 

1)  what should be my parent hierarchy in this case - All roles? or All departments? since i had initially created Employee hierarchy with E1 departments - (All Departments being at the top level) then #E2 Employees with E1 department as parent hierarchy. 


2) What is a remove time dimension? do I have to delete the time dimension or is this something else, need clarification



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  • fuvasm
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    Hi @ankulkarni,


    1. Refer to source data file for Role List, and perhaps that will give a clue to Parent definition. Should this be Top Level? If so, why? [Hint: Role is a standalone List; Employee Details module provides Role per employee]
    2. When you created REV01 Price Book module in your Level 1 model, how did you ensure Time dimension is not included in that module (how did you remove Time dimension from the module?). 

    Please read instructions provided carefully, and apply your learnings from Level 1 model building exercise to complete exams.