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I am in the process of completing my Anaplan Level-1 and wondering where can I take up a Supply chain model as an example & practice. This is my domain, and hence any suggestions would be really helpful.


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  • Hello @nilanjan999 


    You are in luck! because the L2 certificate training is using a Supply Chain model. So you can start with that. Although if you ask me, you can learn Anaplan independent of the type of module you use and then you can apply these learnings to any model type (Sales, Supply Chain, Portfolio Management,...etc)


    The other option available to you is to download Supply Chain models -where Anaplan is the provider- from the App Hub


    A word of caution though:

    1. These are ready-made models, you can just examine how they were made and make changes or add new functionality. There will be no "activities" asked of you. You can try to mimic the model on your own as a practice.
    2. Many of these models are created a few years back and may not always follow the current Best Practices. So keep that in mind.

    Good luck and let us know if you need help


  • prabhu

    Hi @nilanjan999,


    Refer App Hub (, where you can see many anaplan models published by many companies.


    Download supply chain model from App Hub.


    Note: Models published by Anaplan are free of cost.

              Models published by other companies are not free.