Help to find get items from a list to another


I have a transaction form which has two line items lets say A,B (both text) -> Concatenating A,B gives C 

Row 1 of A -> SDF AB9

Row 1 of B -> 20

Row 1 of C -> SDF AB9 - 20 


I have another list which basically have some items of A, B column and i manually concatenate and upload in Code column to get C 

It's number list BTW


My goal is to get a True in Transaction form if the item present in the list combination (C).


Currently i'm using Finditem formula but client don't want to do manually concatenate A,B column and upload in Code.

So i need help in following things : -

1. Is there a way that Find-item can work on concatenate column with A,B columns data ?

2. Is there a way to get data into Code column in list with some formula or something ? -> I know it's possible but just a search

3. Any other possibility or best practice to handle this situation?


Thanks and Regards,

Sai Bharadwaj

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  • Hi @Sai_Bharadwaj_Venati 


    I am not sure I have fully understood the issue,please let me know if the below helps.


    First off, There is no way to use a formula to populate the Code field of a list. That being said:


    A - If the second list you have  mentioned (the numbered list) has items with are already a concatenation of A & B as items (and thus the problem is that FINDITEM does not work with the name in numbered lists) I suggest you to create an action to import all item's concatenated name as their code too:


    Just go to your list, hit import, select the same list as a source and map "display name" (which i suppose that is the property that contains the concatenated name) to Code. Use the list's names as identifier.




    That will provide you the concatenated names as codes. Then you can publish the action on a dashboard so you can trigger it in order to keep the list's codes up to date (in case that A or B changes, in this way you can keep the code aligned with the new name by triggering the action)





  • Good one. 

    is there any Script that can automate these kind of imports?


    V.Sai Bharadwaj

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  • I am gald it helped!


    Unfortunately you cannot schedule actions within Anaplan. In order to automate the action, you would need to create a batch file that executes that particular action through Anaplan Connect. The way to run the BAT file automatically is to use a scheduler, such Microsoft Task Scheduler.


    This is a whole new topic, i suggest you to go here: and download the Anaplan Connect Guide.


    There you will find how to download the necessary files in your machine and a simple example of a code to be used in the BAT file to trigger an import action in Anaplan.