Combination Chart for Capacity Analysis


One chart that I would like to be able to more easily create in Anaplan NUX is the stacking resource usage chart that is common in capacity planning.  Usually looking something like this:



With each stacking bar representing the usage of my capacity by a product or group of products.  I have had a workaround for making these charts in New UX where I create a special product called capacity and have a LI which assigns the available capacity value to my special product and all other products get assigned the usage of capacity.  This gets me a good replication: 


But I end up with this horrible configuration of the chart in NUX where I need to manually select each product and tell the system it is a column instead of a line.  This worked for awhile but I recently broke this by adding another few products which pushed me over the apparent limit of lines in the card configuration screen where you select which type (line, column, dot, or area) a given series is (which is 50 I found out).   There is also the issue that Anaplan doesn't remember what I selected if I edit the chart in anyway, so that when I make a change to the chart I have to click 50 times to select each series to change it to column.  


Does anyone have another way of making this chart that is less painful, yet produces the chart I want?  Yes I know I can do a stacking column chart and just not get the capacity line or combine all the products into a single group and show the breakdown in a separate chart.